Hello! ? I’m Louisa. Let me introduce myself on here

Hello! ? I'm Louisa. Let me introduce myself on here

I’m 35, a Yorkshire girl originally (Scarborough born and bred), and since the age of 18 have lived in Birmingham, London and Paris (spent a year abroad – amazing time – my French is average at best…?).

Seven years ago I made the move to South Wales and now live just outside Cardiff with my husband, our young son and cat ❤️.

I’m a qualified verbal communication specialist, and have spent the last 10 years working with actors, broadcasters and presenters predominantly. I had a full time role in a drama school as a voice coach, masses of which I absolutely loved.

We had our son in summer 2019 and I went back to work full time in March 2020.


As it has been for many, the pandemic proved to be a pivotal time of great reflection in terms of how I actually WANT to spend my time.

I’ve also been in therapy (best investment I’ve ever made) for the last 4.5 years and the shifts that have come from that, combined with some more recent training have called me away from the security of a salary and the long hours that came with it.

I set up my own business, Confidently There, last year.


I now work with individuals and businesses alike on two key areas:

  1. I’m a presentation skills trainer and I pair working on the strategic side of impactful presenting/public speaking with building confidence in how it actually FEELS to present/hold a room/deliver an interview. I help people get great at this as a skill AND know how to feel more ok up there.
  2. I’m a difficult conversation specialist. I train people in how to say the really tough stuff in a way that preserves and strengthens the relationship rather than locked horns scenarios playing out, exhausting and frustrating power dynamics getting you stuck or relationships fraying from conflict.


I love taking clients from panicked and unsure around the high stakes moments to feeling clear, calm, in control and in possession of a road map to follow. It’s glorious.

I feel SO STRONGLY about introducing these tangible, psychology-backed and evidence-based strategies into people’s lives as a really significant contribution to wellbeing.


How about you? Anyone else jumped on that great resignation bandwagon?!

Would love to know who you are and what makes you tick ✨

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