Is your organisation struggling with this?

  • You’ve had a period of turbulence – your company has weathered a recent storm but hasn’t come out of the other end the same… Are your employees feeling shaken and exhausted?
  • People are afraid to speak up – your organisation needs a way to combat people shutting out how they’re really feeling. Are employees yearning for a safe outlet to express their emotions and needs?
  • Staff retention rates are plummeting – are people leaving at a rapid rate and you don’t know how to resolve the issues? Maybe you have feedback from exit interviews but need help turning them into positive actions for change.

Say yes to any of the above? Well, you’re in the right place!

You could be dealing with a difficult situation in your organisation that you’ve never experienced before… and that’s daunting. When disruption strikes, we are primed and ready to help you get to the root of the problem and discover the best approach to build a better future.

Through periods of challenge, the way you look after employees and their well-being is vital to getting your company back on track. Instead of reaching straight to PR for damage control, work internally to open up communication in a healthy, structured way. Because without taking the time to understand the origins of how people are feeling, it’s too easy to fall into the same trap again.

But when you resolve the deep-set issue, your company and everyone involved can flourish. That’s why we focus on allowing everyone to have a voice.

Introducing Have a Voice Projects

By facilitating listening groups and giving every employee a safe space, we can get to the bottom of your challenges. The way each Have a Voice project looks is different for every company, depending on your situation and what your people need most.

What do you get?

Below gives you an idea of what our typical Have a Voice project could look like, but so your team gets the most out of the experience, all content and training is bespoke to you.

This isn’t a simple HR check-boxing exercise to make your company appear as if they’re doing the right thing… Together, we arrange the most appropriate way to host workshops and discussions with employees to allow them to feel safe enough to voice their opinions.

This is an invaluable opportunity to receive essential feedback from a range of staff members, finding out how they’ve been affected by your company’s unique challenges.

After a major setback, many companies take a fire-fighting approach to resolve issues, focusing on the external image. But we’re far from a PR company here to spin an issue into a positive… the work has to be done internally to genuinely support your employees.

The project is tailored to provide your company and all team members with ongoing practical support for better communication skills, helping you with any issues along the way.

As each Have a Voice project will involve different steps, it’s important to know we will be regularly reviewing progress and keeping track of results – both with you and your team members.

It’s an ongoing process, and may take some time to turn around… but it’s worth it. Give your whole team the ability to speak up and learn new ways of communicating with confidence, kindness, and respect.

Problems we help you solve

Has your challenging situation damaged your reputation? In today’s interconnected world, news of internal challenges and the mishandling of such situations can quickly spread, damaging your company’s reputation – both internally and externally.

Negative publicity and public perception can have long-lasting effects on customer trust, partnerships, and the ability to attract and retain top talent.

You’re finding leaders or managers are avoiding or mishandling difficult conversations, leading to unresolved conflicts, resentment and distrust. Can you feel staff are becoming defensive and playing the blame game?

What you’d love is a culture of collaboration, creativity, trust and transparency amongst team members.

Often, the first time we realise there’s a culture problem is when we see negative feedback on a staff or exit survey. When people don’t feel like they can speak up, they often take advantage of these surveys to finally say what they think.

If negative feedback is cropping up consistently, particularly if it relates to poor or a lack of communication, don’t worry! We’re here to help your teams communicate more openly so every staff member feels heard, respected and valued.

When your company is going through a turbulent time, it’s easy to see how employees could become disengaged. They could feel like they’ve lost their purpose or motivation if your company is dealing with issues beyond their control.

Now is the most important time to look after employees – allow them to feel heard, acknowledge their experiences, and avoid them becoming detached from work.

You might have received reports of serious concerns or misconduct – either in an exit interview or through HR. If this is the case, your organisation is at risk of legal and compliance risks, so you need to be proactive in addressing these issues.

Instead of waiting for the worst to happen, we can help you to take positive steps towards providing a safe and inclusive workplace for all – avoiding further potential legal damage to your organisation.

Another benefit to opening up honest communication channels between all employees is the potential for business growth. By addressing people’s needs and hearing their opinions, you can more easily identify areas for improvement.

The Have a Voice project can support your team to foster continuous growth and resilience – vital for both employee well-being and improving your bottom line.

Why Confidently There?

We prioritise genuine change over exercises that are done once and forgotten about… We’re not here to plaster over problems (only for them to reemerge as soon as we leave). By focusing on training for real humans, we transform your team to form an organisation you can truly be proud of.

At Confidently There, everything we do is backed by psychology – but it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. And we certainly don’t use outdated models that don’t fit modern-day challenges or constraints.

With over 90% of our business coming from referrals or repeat customers, the proof is in the pudding. What we do works!

The four-step process to get started

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  1. Book a call with Louisa – it’s the best way to find out if we’re the right fit to work together at this time. We promise there will never be a hard sell – we ONLY clients for this project if we KNOW we can support you to the level you need, and that we have the expertise to support your unique situation. If it doesn’t feel we’re the right fit, we’ll be honest, and we’ll even signpost you if we know someone who can help you better at this time.
  2. Schedule an in-depth preparatory session – we’ll put some time in the diary to ensure we fully understand the scale and depth of the problem, and understand your desired timeline and outcome. Project work is always bespoke, and where necessary, we’ll make it clear up front if we require multiple preparatory sessions to deliver to the highest standard.
  3. Collaborate with us on your internal comms strategy to launch the project – we entirely understand that you may meet some resistance or scepticism about a project like this from your workforce, especially in the wake of a period of turbulence. We don’t take on contracts that clients want to make mandatory, but we will work with you to position and communicate about the project to maximise the chances of engagement. Whether that’s drafting emails or hosting introductory calls for your workforce, we’re here to help.
  4. Schedule your project dates – my team will contact you to find the best dates and times to run the practical sessions, and to support you with any comms it would help us to take off your hands.

Your project with us begins!

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