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Become truly people first: equip your teams to calmly handle challenge, effectively resolve conflict and confidently discuss the stuff that matters most…

How We Can Help You...

Whether you’re looking for conflict resolution methods to deal with a specific issue, need the right tools to avoid toxic workplace cultures, or want to empower your leaders to communicate with more confidence and clarity – we’re here to help…

12 Week, 1:1 Leadership Training Programme

Are you a leader who needs help handling difficult conversations with confidence?

Confidently There will support you as a leader to face your communication and team challenges head-on – with integrity, kindness, and empathy.

Delivered via 1:1 leadership training across an intensive 12-week period.

Group Communication Coaching Programme

Is your team feeling misaligned, and do you need help to get everyone on the same page? 

The group training focuses on improving honest, open conversations while fostering a supportive environment for all team members.

Improve your company culture, staff well-being, and boost your bottom line. 

Communication Culture Audit

Are you looking for crisis management support after an unexpected company challenge?

When something rocks your company boat, it’s vital to look after your staff by really listening to and understanding their needs.

Unlock the reasons why your company culture isn’t working.

Leadership training with a BIG difference

Do you want to create a supportive and happy workplace culture for everyone that prioritises workforce well-being?

You’re done with feeling you have to choose between a kind working environment or a high-performing one. And yes, the people-first policies can be introduced, but it’s the everyday communication and behaviours that are holding things up. 

You don’t want to dictate TO your workforce, instead you want to collaborate. You need to find out what your team feels, and the only way to do that is through open and honest conversations – even when it’s difficult. So, instead of shying away from uncomfortable discussions, learn to facilitate an environment where everyone feels safe enough to express their truth.

That’s why you’ll spot a little elephant icon across our website – because we’re all about addressing the elephant in the room!

Yes, you can build kind, supportive AND high performing teams

When you can tackle difficult conversations head-on, with as much kindness as candour, it breeds a positive culture of psychological safety.

Your team will thrive, as everyone feels safe to stand up for what they believe in while feeling supported. Together, we can make that happen…

Stop avoiding tough conversations. Start making an impact – without compromising on kindness.

Difficult Conversations Checklist

5 easy steps to take before you have a difficult conversation

Are you gearing up for a difficult conversation and don’t know where to start? Download our free checklist ‘5 easy steps to take BEFORE you have that difficult conversation’ for some simple but effective techniques to feel more prepared.

Learn about leadership, communication & difficult conversations

About Confidently There: Difficult Conversation Specialists

It’s our mission to give you the tools and confidence to tackle difficult conversations with kindness, not only to increase staff well-being but also to improve your bottom line… All in a way that feels right for your company.

Together, we can face a number of challenges head-on –

  • Toxic workplace culture – including gossip culture and a lack of people speaking up for what they want or need 
  • Decreased productivity – your team isn’t working to their full potential and individuals lack any motivation to improve their performance 
  • Setting clear boundaries – not doing this results in a poor work/life balance for you and your team, increasing resentment towards work
  • Avoiding difficult conversations – meaning you don’t come to reasonable solutions for improvement and things stay the same or get worse
  • Employees aren’t on the same page – you’ve not expressed company goals and values to get everyone to have a shared vision
  • Crisis management – something specific has caused a period of turbulence in your team, offsetting behaviours and causing stress

Have better conversations now...

Let’s help your teams have better conversations…

Rigorous, truthful, and radically kind conversations should be at the heart of everything you do. When you spend time learning how to speak honestly and openly with your team, everything else falls into place. Let’s make a positive, long-lasting change together.

Get your '5 easy steps to take before you have a difficult conversation' checklist...

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