1:1, Team or Organisation-Wide solutions -
we’ve got you covered

If you, your team, or your whole organisation are navigating communication and leadership challenges, our offerings are tailor-made to suit your specific needs.

Here’s a guide to help you identify which of our offerings are the right fit:

Who’s it for? Ambitious, human-first leaders who:

  • Can find it hard to set (and stick to….) clear boundaries.
  • Dread tackling difficult conversations and tend to avoid or soften them.
  • Are stepping into new leadership roles and know the tough (and essential) conversations are where they’re likely to come unstuck.

Consider: If you’ve ever felt torn between wanting to prioritise warm connection with your team, or be respected – know that you can be both. Empathetic leadership, backed by the right skills, will transform your professional journey. And – in fact – your life along the way. 

Dive deep into bespoke training designed to fundamentally shift your leadership style. Model daily the gold standard in kindly powerful leadership. 

Your colleagues, your friends and family will thank you. And so will your sense of self. 

Who’s it for? Teams or departments experiencing:

  • Tensions from unresolved conflicts or a blame culture.
  • An impact on profitability due to poor team collaboration.
  • Signs of stress, gossip, or lack of transparency affecting team morale.

Consider: Great relationships, like great marriages, rely on sound communication. Empower your teams to turn challenging conversations into productive dialogues. This programme is all about revitalising team dynamics through effective communication.

NB each group programme is tailored entirely to your situation. We can do this work based around internal OR external relationships. If it’s nightmare clients, volunteers or members that are causing the issue rather than internal challenges, we’ve got you for those too.

Who’s it for? Values-led organisations grappling with:

  • Recent upheavals leading to an unsettled workforce.
  • A noticeable hesitance among staff to voice their concerns.
  • Worrying staff turnover rates.

Consider: Turbulence can be daunting, but it also presents an opportunity. Before thinking external solutions, let’s dive inward.

We’ll unearth the root causes of your challenges. Through creating safe and boundaried spaces, we’ll ensure every team member’s voice is heard, all while maintaining as much structure and forward movement as humanity.  Together, we’ll rebuild a resilient and cohesive culture.