Are you or the people in your organisation struggling with this?

Do any of these ring true for you (or for the people within your organisation?)

  • You struggle to set boundaries – you can’t say no to requests and have major people-pleasing tendencies. Inevitably, you hit burnout fast and become stressed or anxious.
  • Difficult conversations are your nemesis – you’d rather do anything than have a difficult conversation. Everything from appraising underperforming staff to resolving conflicts makes you want to put your head in the sand.
  • You’re stepping into a new leadership role and want to do it right – you know how important fostering a great working culture for all team members is. But you need the confidence and tools to tackle existing deep-set issues in your own way…

Say yes to any of the above? We’re here to help!

If you’re identifying with any of these (or identify these behaviours in your colleagues), then you’re in the right place. But first, we want you to know that you are not alone in facing these problems, and it’s not your fault.

We (especially women) are conditioned from a young age to stay small, not to kick up a fuss and to avoid conflict at all costs.

But when we enter the workplace, it feels like we only have two options–be liked or be respected, never both. So for the majority of us, that means we shy away from difficult conversations, struggle to delegate, and fail to advocate for ourselves.

I’m here to tell you there is another way. You can become an empathetic leader who is valued and respected while also remaining kind and caring. You can empower your teams to do their best work and advocate for yourself too.

All you need is the right training, and that’s where we come in! 😉

Introducing Empowered Leaders: Our 1-2-1
Signature Leadership Training Programme

This programme goes way beyond ordinary leadership training. We empower leaders to become assertive and strong without sacrificing their empathy and kindness.

Do you want to approach any conversation with calm confidence – even when it’s an uncomfortable topic? Over a 12-week period, we’ll introduce you to 6 modules focusing on different, effective communication methods.

Covering a broad range of psychological frameworks, you will learn everything from the essentials of reading people’s emotions to having difficult conversations. Plus, you get the tools to put theories into action so you can navigate situations without sacrificing your self-worth.

Everyone has their own day-to-day challenges and tricky dynamics to tackle… which is why we’ll always tailor the theory behind your 1:1 mentoring sessions to what’s really happening in your world.

The advice you receive is super tangible and relevant, so you won’t end up with a dusty leadership manual sitting on your desk. Instead, you get the chance to personalise and practice using template phrases, meaning you’ll never be lost for words again.

Change is hard. Actively shifting your default thinking patterns takes time, and is rarely linear. So we understand you will likely have questions that pop up throughout the process, outside of the scheduled sessions. Don’t worry – we’re right there with you.

Get unlimited email support during the 12 weeks to ask any burning questions. As you dedicate time to improving how you communicate, it will align your own needs while also improving relationships.

Problems we help you solve

We can help you in three key areas: setting boundaries, courageous conversations and building confidence and leadership skills.

But more specifically, here are some of the problems we’ve solved for our clients and we can solve for your organisation too.

When you don’t set boundaries, you’ll inevitably take on more work than you should. This leads to (you guessed it!) major burnout and stress.

We’ll work with you – transforming you into your biggest champion who is able to say no with ease (but without compromising on your kindness).

Unfortunately, when you don’t set boundaries, you become resentful of others and your work. You feel people take advantage of you or don’t value your skills or expertise. You’re doing work that doesn’t fulfil you.

Setting boundaries gets you back to doing work you love and feeling appreciated and respected.

Handling domineering staff members can be a tough challenge. Their overpowering behaviour can lead to tension, disrupt team harmony, and lower morale.

We guide you to gain the skills to effectively manage and communicate with domineering staff members. We will show you how to stand your ground, while maintaining respect and encouraging a positive work environment.

When you don’t set boundaries, you take on more work than you should, and that means your energy isn’t focused on the stuff that matters. You’re flip-flopping from one random task to the next, trying to get it all done, rather than pouring all your energy into what you love to do.

We’ll work with you to help you delegate with confidence, making sure you’re only working on the right tasks.

Eeek, have you noticed a team member’s productivity decreasing, or them arriving late/leaving early for work? Or simply acting demotivated and indifferent? Old-you would hope this would eventually go away, but new-you will feel confident in having a difficult conversation with a team member – approaching them with authority, empathy, kindness, respect and understanding.

Difficult customers are causing the kind of stress and frustration that’s seeping into every area of your work. It can seem impossible to please them!

We help you develop strategies to handle such customers or clients professionally and assertively, protecting your peace of mind. We will provide you with the necessary tools to negotiate, handle conflict and establish productive relationships no matter what’s thrown at you.

Why Choose Confidently There For Your Leadership Training

Our approach goes beyond traditional leadership training, focusing on collaborative engagement over outdated instruction. Our mission isn’t to fulfil your L&D quota, but to foster relationships that facilitate real change in your organisation.

We dispense with labels like ‘soft skills’ and, instead, we teach essential human skills. These are more than workplace skills; they are life skills. That’s why the people we work with compliment us on not only improving their work lives, but their personal lives too!

In short, we’re not just trainers—we’re collaborators. Our method marries knowledge and empathy. We aim for lasting change, and our approach radiates warmth and kindness.

With us, you’re honing skills foundational to all areas of life.

The three-step process to get started

  1. Book a call with us – it’s the best way to find out if we’re the right fit to work together. We promise there will never be a hard sell – we ONLY take on clients for this 1:1 programme if we KNOW we can support them. If it doesn’t feel like we can help you make big transformations in a short time, we’ll be honest.
  2. Complete a confidential questionnaire – to really get to know you, how you’re currently feeling about your day-to-day communication, and the areas you’re most keen to positively change. Getting this information upfront allows us to hit the ground running in your first session.
  3. Book your 6 mentoring sessions – my team will contact you to find the best times for your sessions to get them in your diary.

Your 12-week intensive begins!

Difficult Conversations Checklist

Master Difficult Conversations

Download the 5-point checklist that will help you prepare for a difficult, workplace conversation…


Our 12-week signature programme includes an in-depth programme delivered through personalised mentoring sessions. You’ll have the opportunity to practice through exercises and receive valuable feedback. You’ll receive all resources we cover and worksheets we develop together in our sessions in your own online folder. The programme focuses on key areas like setting boundaries, having courageous conversations, and building leadership skills.

This programme is ideal for those struggling with setting boundaries, avoiding difficult conversations, or finding the right balance between being assertive and kind. It’s designed to transform individuals and teams within an organisation, creating empathetic leaders who are as impactful as they are respected and kind.

Our programme transcends conventional leadership training. We work collaboratively with you, focusing on facilitating real change over ticking off a box on your L&D agenda. Our approach is rigorous yet personable, incorporating evidence-backed psychological insights to hone not just your professional skills, but also essential life skills.

While our training indeed addresses workplace issues such as burnout, productivity, resentment, and dealing with difficult team members, stakeholders or clients, the skills you acquire extend beyond the workplace. They are foundational life skills that can enhance your personal life as well.

This 12-week transformational programme is £3250 + VAT per person. There are three payment options: 

> Pay In Full

> 3 monthly payments at £1085 + VAT

> 4 monthly payments at £812.50 + VAT

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