Are your team or teams within your organisation struggling with this?

A toxic company culture – you’re finding leaders or managers are avoiding or mishandling difficult conversations, leading to unresolved conflicts, resentment and distrust. Can you feel staff becoming defensive and playing the blame game?

What you’d love is a culture of collaboration, creativity, trust and transparency amongst team members.

Bottom line impact – you’re finding poor employee productivity, missed deadlines, and high staff turnover is impacting the financial success of the company. You need better communication to mend strained relationships and improve motivation. You’d love your staff to do their best work and be confident that their voices and concerns will be listened to.
Poor staff well-being – is your company a victim of gossip culture, increased absences, or are staff members showing signs of high stress? These are all signs of poor communication within an organisation, leading to reduced well-being. You want your teams to have open and respectful conversations (even if they are difficult) so that every single person feels heard.
Team meeting around a desk with four people

Say yes to any of the above? Well, you’re in the right place! ​

If you’re noticing a strain on your company culture, bottom line, and staff wellbeing due to mishandled difficult conversations, take a breath!

It’s incredibly common for organisations to have communication problems within teams. Think of a marriage; even the best ones hinge on strong communication! Now, imagine a large team, a mixed bag of personalities, all interacting without the safety net of unconditional love… It’s easy to see how wires can be crossed.

The good news is these problems can be resolved with better communication between teams. The key is teaching people to navigate even the trickiest of conversations with grace and tact.

Nobody prefers whispers in the hallway, sudden outbursts of anger, or radio silence over open and transparent dialogue. Yes, having tough talks can feel uncomfortable. But consider turning negative conversations into a powerful tool to foster a healthier company culture.

Introducing Our 8-Week Team Transformation Programme

By equipping your team with the skills to handle difficult conversations, you’re taking a step towards a supportive and psychologically safe workplace. Let’s create the kind of place where everyone feels valued, heard, and respected by addressing issues constructively – rather than sweeping them under the rug.

What do you get?

Below gives you an idea of what our typical group training programme could look like, but so your team gets the most out of the experience, all content and training is bespoke to you.

In this hands-on workshop, our expert trainers will guide your team through interactive sessions and role-plays, simulating various challenging conversation scenarios (based on what your team needs). All using real-world, practical examples.

This is an invaluable opportunity to receive personalised feedback, practical tips, and tailored strategies to tackle your unique challenges.

The training doesn’t end when the workshop wraps up – that’s just the beginning! Over the following 8 weeks, all individuals within the group will have unlimited and confidential access to our expert trainers via email for any questions or problems they have.

This ongoing support will help all team members to solidify your newfound skills, refine your approach, and navigate any roadblocks you encounter along the way. We’re there to support exploration of the toolkit we’ve introduced, and sustainable, meaningful implementation.

A half-day virtual session for consolidation and reflection is the perfect way to round off the eight weeks. This is your chance to take stock of what you’ve learned, share your experiences, and explore any remaining queries or concerns.

Use this dedicated time for your whole team to embed your skills and ensure you’re fully equipped to handle difficult conversations with confidence, kindness, and respect.

Problems we help you solve

Gossip is one of the biggest indicators of a communication problem – because when communication isn’t clear, rumours become rife.

Our training is designed to directly address these issues by fostering open communication, trust, and effective conflict resolution. We’ll help you nip gossip culture in the bud and replace it with a positive, collaborative atmosphere where everyone thrives!

It isn’t easy communicating with tricky clients or delivering tough news, and this can have a huge impact on your employees, who can feel worn down by client demands.

Our training equips your team with effective communication techniques to manage these challenging interactions without damaging valuable relationships. Your team will learn to relay difficult information confidently and compassionately.

Often, leadership teams only gain feedback from the loudest, most assertive, or most confident team members. If you’re only hearing good things, but your teams aren’t performing well, it’s a sign that not everyone in your organisation has a voice.

What you need is to establish a culture that encourages equal voice and empathy. Our bespoke training program opens your eyes to verbal communication strategies that invite equal participation, empathy, and active listening.

You’re a values-led organisation that cares about making an impact beyond making a profit. However, in reality, your company culture doesn’t reflect those values… and you want to put things right.

Through our training, we’ll guide your teams in aligning their day-to-day actions with your organisation’s values, bringing the sense of ‘togetherness’ that’s been missing.

Negotiating with clients and handling difficult requests isn’t easy. Without the right tools, employees often feel powerless in front of demanding clients.

Our training aims to turn these stressful encounters into positive interactions. We’ll equip your team with strategies to negotiate effectively but also maintain client satisfaction.

Often, the first time we realise there’s a culture problem is when we see negative feedback on a staff or exit survey. When people don’t feel like they can speak up, they often take advantage of these surveys to finally say what they think.

If negative feedback is cropping up consistently, particularly if it relates to poor or a lack of communication, don’t worry! We’re here to help your teams communicate more openly so every staff member feels heard, respected and valued.

Why Confidently There?

We prioritise genuine change over box-ticking exercises. We’re not here to plaster over problems (only for them to reemerge as soon as we leave). By focusing on training for real humans, we’ll transform your team to form an organisation you can truly be proud of.

At Confidently There, everything we do is backed by psychology – but it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. And we certainly don’t use outdated models that don’t fit modern-day challenges or constraints.

With over over 90% of our business coming from referrals or repeat customers, the proof is in the pudding. What we do works!

The three-step process to get started

1. Book a call with Louisa – it’s the best way to find out if we’re the right fit to work together. We promise there will never be a hard sell – we ONLY take on clients for this programme if we KNOW we can support your whole team. If it doesn’t feel like we can help you make big transformations in a short time, we’ll be honest.

2. Complete a 30-minute kick-off call and a confidential questionnaire – to really get to know you and your team, how you’re currently feeling about your day-to-day communication and the areas you’re most keen to positively change. Getting this information upfront allows us to hit the ground running in your first session.

3. Book your team training session – my team will contact you to find the best time for your sessions to get them in your diary.

Your 8-week intensive begins!

Difficult Conversations Checklist

Difficult Conversations Checklist

Prepare to handle any difficult conversation with confidence, kindness and strength…


Our programme addresses issues such as a toxic company culture, poor employee productivity, high staff turnover, and poor staff well-being. These often stem from poor communication and mishandling of difficult conversations within the team. We aim to foster a culture of collaboration, trust, creativity, and transparency among team members.

It starts with a full day of in-person training, followed by 8 weeks of continuous email support from our expert trainers. It concludes with a half-day virtual consolidation/reflection session. All content and training are bespoke to your team’s unique challenges and needs.

We tackle issues like gossip culture, misalignment between team behaviour and company values, difficult client interactions, challenging client requests, dominance of louder team members in feedback, and dealing with negative feedback. Our training focuses on fostering open communication, trust, and effective conflict resolution.

We prioritise genuine, lasting change over temporary solutions. Our approach is backed by psychology and is tailored to your specific needs, rather than using a one-size-fits-all model. Over 90% of our business comes from referrals or repeat customers, attesting to the effectiveness of our methods.

Start by booking a call with Louisa to discuss your needs. Next, complete a 30 minute kick-off call and a confidential questionnaire to help us understand your team’s current communication climate and areas you wish to improve. Finally, book your team training session and start your 8-week intensive programme!

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